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Официальный сайт: https://captrader.financial

Телефон: –


Email: support@captrader.financial

О компании

Captrader Financial brand was created in 2019 and at the moment it’s a top choice of more than 100,000 traders.

How we provide you with the best service

300 trading assets

Here, you have a pool of at least 300 most powerful trading instruments.
You choose related to the dynamic of the market, events and so on.

Support for multiple languages

More than 100,000+ clients are already trusting their trading experience to Captrader Financial. This number is increasing daily. To ensure a constructive conversation, the broker will guide its clients over the markets in the language they understand the best.

More than 30 financial analysts

Thanks to Captrader Financial team of financial analysts, you can instantly find out information on how trends are going, how the dynamic of the market is changing. Having assessed the situation, you will make a better and smarter trading decision.

Hundreds of regional offices

Nowadays Captrader Financial has hundreds offices all over the world.

9 trading servers

Captrader Financial attends much to provision of the uninterrupted and regular trading servers’ work, that allows distributing the flow of the customers orders among numerous servers including the intermediary data centers.

Financial Instruments

Our main focus is to provide a wide range of services to every customer from account registration to the withdrawal of their profits. Trading conditions are rightfully considered to be among the best ones in the world since our current clients are very satisfied and new ones are coming every day.

Рубрики: Forex-брокер

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Никита · 01.07.2023 в

У меня было на счете почти 3 000 баксов, а теперь не осталось ничего. Кидалы пользовались моей доверчивостью и выманивали новые и новые порции денег. А когда я полностью обанкротился, со мной перестали выходить на связь. Пусть моя история будет другим наукой.

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