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О компании

Crypta Invest aims at providing a versatile trading experience for its clients

Looking for educational opportunities? Crypta Invest
offers its clients similar opportunities free of charge. Worried about the safety of your funds? We have a high level of account security. Looking for a considerable range of markets, with favorable trading conditions, good customer service and mobile trading capability? We have it all and even more.


Choose us as your broker and you’ll gain access to thousands of different tradable markets. We enable you to trade worldwide financial indices, numerous equities, 50+ Forex pairs and a large number of commodities. Expand your trading horizons with us.

Clients Funds ​Safety

As an authorized company we respect all the procedures meant to keep customers’ funds secure. Daily security checks ensure that the firm has constant sufficient regulatory capital. Client funds are also kept strictly separate from company money in investment grade rated UK banks.

Customer Care

You have a question about a trade? You are looking for assistance? Sure, clients have access to a multilingual customer service team.
We make sure that we provide traders with many benefits as well as a wide range of services. Why not check yourself? Apply for an account with us today.

Our customers receive Multilingual Customer Service.

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Евгений · 18.07.2023 в

бесперспективная контора откровенных крохоборов. жаль, что никто раньше не писал точный размер торговых комиссий. профит в таких условиях получить просто невозможно. но увы, знал бы где упадешь – солому б подстелил. теперь пытаюсь забрать свой вклад, но пока получается туговато, деятели не хотят расставаться с деньгами. надеюсь, все закончится хорошо

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