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О компании


In a nutshell, the purpose of Negus Trading Company is to encourage and support our subscribers in their pursuit of True Freedom. True Freedom is the ability to take charge of your life through financial independence. You are in charge. You decide what to do. Nobody else has influence over you. This is private. Feel free. Now that you are the hunter. Live a lion’s life.

We think a new paradigm has evolved and Wall Street has lost its way. The introduction of zero-commission trading has made people more aware. People from all walks of life are eager to take charge of their personal finances, which has sparked a populist stock trading movement.

Meanwhile, institutionalized mediocrity has taken hold on Wall Street and its “Financial Advisors.” Instead of generating profits for their clients, the industry is focused on acquiring assets and charging a fee. Convincing the public that 7-8% yearly returns are normal, if not exceptional, is essential to their goal.

This is not simple, make no mistake. No “smoke” is “blown” by us. You will occasionally place lost transactions. Fundamental and technical research are essential components of a sound trading strategy. Daily attention is needed both during and after trade hours. It requires traders to make an effort to eliminate human emotion from the equation. It requires persistence, patience, and fortitude. Be independent of outside influences. This is personal. Be free. Now that you are the hunter. Live a lion’s life.

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Игорь · 10.07.2023 в

Обманули на 550$ но 2 раза получилось вывести деньги
А потом типа для верификации моего аккаунта надо закинуть 300$ им на счёт

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