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О компании

QSQ Markets` mission is to provide an outstanding trading environment for FX, Cryptocurrencies, Precious Metals and CFDs.

Company Profile

To accomplish our mission, we focus on selecting and servicing the best combination of trading platforms and trading tools for our diverse mix of traders. We provide superior level of service to retail and institutional customers to sustain long-term relationships that will enable us to respond more efficiently and proactively to their needs.Furthermore, in order to meet our goals, we employ three strategies that are also the pillars to our long-standing success: Excellent Customer Service, Best Trading Execution and Safeguard our Clients and Partners.


Commodities are basic goods that are traded in the financial markets. They can be physical assets such as crude oil, gold, silver, wheat, corn, and other natural resources that are essential to our everyday lives. These raw materials are typically produced and traded on a global scale, making them a vital component of the global economy.

Commodities can be classified into different categories, including energy, metals, agriculture, and livestock. They are typically traded on commodity exchanges, where buyers and sellers can negotiate the price and quantity of the commodity being traded.

QSQ Trader

QSQ Trader is designed to minimise latency and maximise your trading efficiency. Thanks to its powerful connection to major international liquidity providers, QSQ Trader can execute your buy and sell orders instantly. QSQ Trader’s built-in analytical tools clearly help you assess market directions. Trade successfully on a user-friendly and innovative trading platform dedicated to serving less experienced and professional traders!

Рубрики: Forex-брокер

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Олег · 04.07.2023 в

ЛОХОТРОН! Не вздумайте с ними работать! гиблое дело. С QSQ Markets вы потеряете все свои деньги!

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