Официальный сайт: https://trademarketlimited.com

Телефон: + 1 302 400 7493

Адрес: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Email: [email protected]

О компании

Putting our clients first since 2012

For more than 11 years, we’ve been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial lives.


Our mission is to provide world class trading solutions to the people who want to attain financial freedom by bringing the technology experts, trading and investing professionals and partners together.


We aim to transform all aspects of how the world interacts with currencies, whether that be trading or utilizing currency data and information.


Trade Market Limited provides a fair and trustworthy trading experience by pioneering a strict no re-quotes and no rejections policy. Moreover, 99.50% of all trading orders are executed in less than one second, with no re-quotes and no rejections.

Meet Our Team

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Trade Market Limited such a fun and rewarding place to work.The Trade Market Limited team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for our clients, as well as ensuring the brokers is a fun, inclusive, challenging place to work and develop a rewarding career.

We’re very proud of the team we’ve built – there’s more than five hundred of us now but it still feels like it did when there were just a few of us. Trade Market Limited has always been an brokers defined by bringing together talented people with a shared vision and passion for helping us to be the best we can be for our clients. But that doesn’t mean Trade Market Limited is a cookie-cutter broker. All of our employees are unique individuals who are united by a set of five core values that apply to everything we do within the broker.

Рубрики: Forex-брокер

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Сергей · 05.07.2023 в

Я вам так скажу — будете сильно жалеть о том, что связались с этими жуликами. Контора работает нелегально и если только вы захотите вывести хоть часть профита, она безапелляционно разорвет договор о сотрудничестве. Мне сказали, что была обнаружена “подозрительная активность” с моей стороны, поэтому вынуждены отказать в предоставлении услуг. Навсегда! Вот так вот черти пляшут.

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