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О компании

Who we are

Our traders get access to the best trading and investment opportunities as well as the most recent news on political and economic developments. Ucapitals is one of the brokerages with the fastest rate of worldwide market growth.

For Ucapitals, a competent team that is knowledgeable about financial instruments, markets, and trading is used.


Since its founding, Ucapitals has developed into a rapidly expanding broker, offering a variety of trading services to various financial institutions, including Forex trading, commodities trading, asset trading, and more.

Ucapitals is an example of a commercial success. Not just in Europe where it first appeared, it is highly known throughout the entire world.

The brokerage has a long-standing partnership with a significant financial institution in each geographical location where it operates.

The largest bank in the EU, HSBC, is one of the main financial institutions with whom Ucapitals has ties today in Europe and Asia.

Рубрики: Forex-брокер

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Артур · 15.07.2023 в

Хорошо организованная команда мошенников,не имеющая отношения к торгам на бирже.

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