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О компании

Join one of the most innovative brokers

VT Markets is a regulated multi-asset broker trusted by clients from over 160 countries.

In 2015, we started with a simple mission — to make trading easy and accessible for everyone. Today, VT Markets has evolved into a one-stop solution for all trading needs.

We strive to provide our customers with a superior and trusted trading environment, offering true ECN accounts with raw spreads, transparency and safety protocols, a powerful client portal, and award-winning customer service.

Choose a Forex broker that you can trust

VT Markets is committed to delivering an exceptional trading environment to our clients, going above and beyond expectations held by global financial regulators.

We understand that in this industry, traders are keen to find a platform of utmost reliability to maintain a peace of mind while trading. With multiple regulators, indemnity insurance, and an AA-rated custodian bank securing our funds, we have amassed over 200,000 actively trading accounts of clients from all over the world who depend on us for the safety and security of their assets on a daily basis.

Рубрики: Forex-брокер

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Елена · 10.07.2023 в

Мошенники!!!! Не ведитесь! Деньги не выведутся никогда, всё прекрасно пока они выкачивают с вас суммы, как только захотите вывести и закончить всё это начинаются бесконечные проблемы, штрафы, всякие сказки,, в общем устраивают цирк. Было бы смешно если бы не было так грустно. Меня развели на большую сумму и подорвали здоровье! Держитесь от них подальше.

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